2020 Claims and Fraud Summit Virtual Agenda

2020 Agenda

2020 Claims & Fraud Summit Virtual Agenda


Claims and fraud in the post-lockdown era – strategies and steps in the aftermath

09:00 - 09:45


The world has changed dramatically since the start of the year.  Previously perceived threats, assumed fraud concerns and established claims operations have been affected dramatically by the COVID-19 pandemic and its wider impact on our society.

Welcome to the Claims and Fraud Summit opening panel discussion where will be investigating the impact that the pandemic and subsequent lockdown have had on insurers operations, and, importantly, what we anticipate over the coming months.

Topics to be covered include:

  • Strategically, what can insurance claims and fraud operations claims were success and failures during the early stages of the government lockdown?  Where were the blind spots in our operations that we did not prepare for?
  • How will insurance fraud and claims operations change in the future as a result of Covid-19?
  • Has the robustness of our fraud detection, claims journey and customer service been challenged considerably, or is the industry far better prepared for a future large-scale crisis?
John Pyall

Head of facilitated claims unit


John Pyall has a M.B.A. and a Post Graduate degree in Business Administration. He has worked twenty-five years for Munich Reinsurance. Originally in the legal section of their Claims Department in London has now returned there to be responsible for claims arising from their Great Lakes Facilitated operation, in the meantime he spent five years as Regional Head of Claims and Underwriting Services in their Singapore Office, then head office in Munich as coordinator of their international claims departments in Asia Pacific And Africa and on to Hong Kong, heading up the regional claims unit as well as continuing his role as the Claims Co-ordinator for their International Organisation.

Among other articles, he has been author and technical editor of the Chartered Insurance Institute book on Reinsurance and author of the Claims section of the Chartered Insurance Institute book on Practice of Reinsurance. He is also a Fellow of the Singapore Institute of Arbitrators and a qualified mediator. He has lectured for the Chartered Insurance Institute, Singapore College of Insurance, Asia Insurance Review, London Guildhall University and for a number of other clients and societies on different aspects of, insurance claims, wordings and reinsurance.

Nyasha Kuwana

Head of Product

FloodFlash Ltd.

Nyasha Kuwana joined FloodFlash as Head of Product in 2019. Having developed customer propositions at insurance giants Aviva and AXA Nyasha more recently applied her skills as a consultant, working with multiple insurtech and fintech startups. Recently Nyasha oversaw FloodFlash claims from Storm Ciara and Storm Dennis - setting a company record claim that way paid in full in just 26 hours and 15 minutes.

Ahmed Esat

Head of Investigations

Davies Group


Being there for your customer – claims operations designed for the Covid-era

10:00 - 10:45


The sheer volume of claims and concerned customers reaching out for support put a complex and difficult challenge in front of claims professionals across the insurance sector. 

  • What have been the needs of your customers in their time of need
  • Building an accessible operation throughout lockdown
  • Guiding customers through the claims journey remotely
  • Prioritising high-level claims and vulnerable customers
  • Assessing the validity of claims and working through the wording
Andrew Reid

Head of Claims

Home and Legacy

With over 30 years broking experience, in both underwriting and claims, and almost 20 years in high net worth insurance; Andrew is a personal lines specialist with a passion for making sure policyholders have the best possible customer experience. As Head of Claims at high net worth specialist, Home & Legacy, Andrew focusses on efficiency and technical excellence to maintain exceptionally high claims service standards from his award-winning team. Andrew has a keen interest in using technology in insurance – from e-trading to claims – but always in scenarios when it adds benefit to customers.

Richard Napoli

Claims and Legal Services Director

Markel UK

Richard is the Claims and Legal Services Director for Markel’s National Markets businesses. He has responsibility for management and oversight of the claims functions based in the UK, Europe and Canada and their portfolios of claims. As a member of Markel’s National Market Board he is also responsible for Markel UK's law firm, Markel Law. Richard is a qualified solicitor and holds the ACII designation. Honesty and fairness in all dealings are central to Richard’s beliefs and he leads the claims functions’ aspiration to be the most customer focussed, nimble and value adding in the market. Richard is married to Clare and has a son called Alexander.

Malcolm Hyde

Executive Director

Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters


Building a more sustainable approach to motor claims
How the roles of salvage and recycling are shifting as the green agenda gains traction

11:00 - 11:45


The issue of using reclaimed parts has been ongoing among motor insurers, manufacturers and salvage companies for years. But despite being part of the claims conversation for decades, there has been little traction to use them as an alternative to traditional new parts, even though reclaimed parts are OE/OEM parts albeit not new out of the box.

However, things might be changing as a result of the wider movement towards improving sustainability in wider society.

Ageas has introduced a strategy to 'repair over replace' and use reclaimed parts for claims repairs, whilst the Vehicle Recyclers’ Association, teamed up with eBay, Aviva and other insurers for a new certification program for reclaimed parts in order to increase confidence for both buyers and sellers.

In this upcoming live webinar, brought to you by Insurance Post and e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management, an expert panel will discuss strategies for building a more sustainable approach to motor claims and what this means in terms of repair costs and customer choice.

Join this bespoke webinar through the registration link here

Chris Weeks

Executive Director

National Body Repair Association

Chris has spent 25 years working with motor crash repair starting as an insurance Engineer before management roles.  At DLG Chris ran the largest insurance owned bodyshop group and this experience followed in into accident management.  Building a wide range of Repairer and work provider relationships through his career he is now seeking to fully repair the bodyshop industry leading the change activities at the NBRA.

First Car:

Ford Cortina

If you had to carpool with any famous person (current or historical) who would it be?

Barack Obama

Neil Joslin

Chief Operating Officer

e2e Total Loss Vehicle Management

Cath Hulme

Head of Motor and Legal Supply Chain Development

Coop Insurance

Gary Barker

Claims Director

The AA

Paul Llewellyn

Head of Motor Claims Operations


Paul Llewellyn is Head of Motor Claims Operations for Ageas UK. He started his insurance career in 1989 with Guardian Royal Exchange and has worked for Ageas since 1996. Known for his innovative approach to claims he has been an advocate for Green Car parts for many years and oversaw the adoption of Ageas’s Green Car Parts strategy in 2019. Paul lives in Gloucestershire with his wife and 2 children, he was brought up in Birmingham.


The “desperation effect” – preparing for a rise in customer claims as a result of a Covid-induced economic downturn

16:15 - 17:00


As the economy scrambles to recover from the Coronavirus pandemic and ensuing lockdown, what are the anticipated challenges for insurance claims and fraud teams as the manage a high-level of customer care whilst remaining vigilant to the ever-present challenge of fraud.

Our panel will look to cover:

  • Can we expect a significant rise in fraudulent clams as a result of the economy’s downward term?
  • Which business lines are we expecting to see problems an issues?
  • Is this downturn different to previous ones?
  • An assessment of the claims sector and the areas where there are likely to be a rise in claims
  • Lessons from claims made during previous downturns
Scott Clayton

Head of Claims

Zurich Insurance

During over 30 years with Zurich, Scott has handled claims across all lines of business and all distribution channels and, in a previous role, headed up the Chief Executive’s Complaints Team. For the last 15 years, Scott has been responsible for managing and developing the claims fraud proposition across the General Business in the UK. With a team of over 50 and cutting edge tools and technology, the Claims Investigation Unit have achieved notable success and industry recognition. He chairs Zurich’s Global Fraud Network and is a member of the Association of British Insurers General Insurance Fraud Committee.

Stephen Dalton

Head of Intelligence & Investigations

Insurance Fraud Bureau

Stephen has 20 plus years of experience developing solutions to financial crime across a variety of private sectors including credit card and insurance fraud. In 2000 he co-founded VFM Services Limited which delivered conversation management techniques to investigative interviews of those suspected of first party claims fraud.

In 2010 he joined the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), the insurance industry’s non-profit body committed to tackling organised cross sector insurance fraud. As Head of Intelligence & Investigations, Stephen’s role is to oversee the production and delivery of the IFB's operational products and services, which provide warning intelligence and identify opportunities to coordinate the disruption of organised cross industry insurance fraudsters. Stephen has been responsible for the development and adaptation of services and products including the IFB’s intelligence forums and training events, the format and output of intelligence products in line with the National Intelligence Model. In 2019 he supported the development and implementation of the new industry suspect intelligence management system, the IFiHUB

Stephen is also responsible for securing and maintaining intelligence sharing agreements with law enforcement agencies and industry regulators and has recently secured a Masters degree in Intelligence and Security Studies from Leicester University.   

Jeremy Trott

Claims Director


Jeremy has worked in insurance for over 25 years – holding various roles across underwriting, sales, innovation and claims. Starting as an underwriter at Commercial Union, Jeremy progressed through a variety of underwriting and account management roles before taking over running the Aviva sales and underwriting team in Maidstone in 2003.

He moved across to Allianz in 2006 to run both the local Sales and underwriting and Small business team before taking his first head office role in Innovation and Strategy in 2009. He did this for 3 years before joining claims as the Claims operations manager for Allianz – running 5 sites including their offshore site in Trivandrum in India. After 8 years in this role and nearly 15 years at Allianz, he has recently joined Ecclesiastical as their Claims Director.

Jeremy is also heavily involved at the CII – having sat on the Claims Faculty for 6 years before taking on the Chair in 2017. In 2019, as the faculty moved into the Society of Claims Professionals, he became its first Non-Executive Director.

Jeremy is passionate about strong customer service and employee advocacy, looking to use technological enhancements to improve both!

Martin Stockdale



Martin is a partner in Kennedys’ Manchester office. He is head of the firm’s counter fraud unit, operating in the UK as well as internationally.

Martin is a fraud expert, acting for insurers, corporate and self-insured clients, advising on cross-client organised and complex fraud investigations. His work includes managing and coordinating litigation, investigation strategies and individual interests for clients whilst working with industry bodies, such as the Insurance Fraud Bureau (IFB), regulators and the police. He builds counter fraud strategies to detect and challenge fraudulent claims, ensuring best practice, effective process and measures to deter and prevent fraud.

Martin has been involved in cross-industry operations of note, such as; Adam v Lick (UK) Ltd, Operation Clapham, Operation Undergo and Operation Neasden. His experience sees him coordinating cross-jurisdiction initiatives in counter fraud and working across all lines of business within the firm.

Martin was instrumental in developing the firms’ counter fraud product Ki - a unique industry fraud detection and investigation solution that harnesses and utilises more live data than any other investigation system on the market.

Martin is a member of the Insurance Fraud Investigators Group (IFIG) and the Fraud Advisory Panel. He is frequently involved in lobbying activities, including attending a briefing with the Insurance Fraud Taskforce at Whitehall. He often contributes to industry publications and journals.


Beyond the digital journey: are insurers and customers ready for the next phase of digitalisation and what can we expect?

09:00 - 09:45


Pre-Covid, the claims journey witnessed so significant shifts to a digital offering, as insurance companies reacted to a new wave of technology to help streamline their operations.

With extensive digitalisation taking place in the claims space, we will be asking our panel:

  • What is the next step in the claims digitalisation journey?
  • Are customers ready for digital tools and how do we with the less-digitally literate policy holder?
  • Will a contact centre and human-to-human interaction ever fully be replaced?
  • Has claims technology development stagnated?  What do insurers want from their solution providers?
Hugo Emanuel Fernandes

International Claims Operational Excellence Team Leader

Hiscox Group

Dr. Hugo Fernandes, International Claims Operations. International claims operations leader delivering value with innovative and strategic projects for the US, UK and the EU. Hugo works at the intersection of technology and business needs, where his vast knowledge in insurance operations enables him to work on complex issues with the customer and his needs in mind. Hugo holds a PhD with health insurance as his research fields.

Richard Napoli

Claims and Legal Services Director

Markel UK

Richard is the Claims and Legal Services Director for Markel’s National Markets businesses. He has responsibility for management and oversight of the claims functions based in the UK, Europe and Canada and their portfolios of claims. As a member of Markel’s National Market Board he is also responsible for Markel UK's law firm, Markel Law. Richard is a qualified solicitor and holds the ACII designation. Honesty and fairness in all dealings are central to Richard’s beliefs and he leads the claims functions’ aspiration to be the most customer focussed, nimble and value adding in the market. Richard is married to Clare and has a son called Alexander.

Mark Strang

Senior business development manager

Verisk Insurance Solutions

<p>Mark has worked in the general insurance industry for 28 years. After joining the insurer Commercial Union (now Aviva) as a management trainee, where he specialised in claims, he moved to marketing at Commercial Union's head office. In 1996 he joined Policy Management Systems Corporation (PMSC), a software application provider to the insurance industry, where he was a business consultant responsible for supporting sales of PMSC's underwriting and claims systems in the UK, other European markets and South Africa.</p>
<p>In 2000, Mark was part of the original team instrumental in launching Claims Outcome Advisor (COA) in the UK, a new quantum assessment tool for personal injury claims. He joined Insurance Services Office (now Verisk Insurance Solutions) in 2001 when it acquired the COA product. Since then, Mark has been responsible for driving sales of COA, which has become the most used quantum assessment tool in the UK, with more than 25 insurers using the system and AI solutions such as Intelligent Vehicle Inspection (IVI), being used to dramatically streamline motor vehicle damage claim processes. Mark has a wealth of insurance and technology experience gained over the past 28 years in the industry. He holds a BA (Hons) degree in inancial services and is qualified as an ACII and a chartered insurance practitioner.</p>

Michael Calvert

Head of Claims Analytics


Andrea has held a wide range of roles at Hiscox, most recently COO for the Special Risks division but also in Risk Management, Compliance and Reinsurance. She has insurance regulatory experience and knowledge of enterprise risk in the banking sector. Andrea is passionate about diversity, equity and inclusion becoming fixtures at the ‘top table’ along with revenue, profitability and growth.


Creating a company culture of combating fraud

10:00 - 10:45


  • From the top down, what are the best approaches to ensuring that there is a strong company-wide culture to tackle fraud?
  • The challenges de-siloing fraud from a solo operation
  • As the lockdown eases, what have been the biggest trends in fraudulent claims to emerge?  What can we expect over the coming months?
  • How to ensure your fraud operation keeps pace with the fraudsters in a new disruptive environment?
Adele Sumner

Head of Counter Fraud and Financial Crime


Adele Sumner is the Head of Counter Fraud Strategy & Financial Crime at RSA Insurance UK. She has over twenty years of ‘hands on’ experience in counter fraud activity in the insurance sector, including leading RSA’s Fraud Intelligence Team where she developed techniques and  experience in the use of the internet, both to assist individual investigations and to obtain data that will enhance fraud detection models. She is widely acknowledged for her expertise in the practical deployment and use of technology to identify fraud and has been an important figure in various fraud technology programmes both in RSA and at an industry level.  In her current role she is responsible for developing strategies to tackle fraud and adopts a risk focused, intelligence led approach to combating the external threat fraud posed to RSA. In 2008 she obtained a Master Degree in Fraud Management from Teesside University.

Charlotte Brown

Underwriting Counter Fraud Manager

NFU Mutual

Charlotte Brown has over 15 years of experience fighting fraud in both claims and underwriting. A qualified solicitor, Charlotte worked at two of the UK’s leading legal insurance practices, specialising in defending fraudulent claims. She joined NFU Mutual in 2014, where she now heads the Underwriting Counter Fraud Department.

Tom Gardiner

Head of Fraud, Claims Recoveries & Risk


Tom is responsible for customer Fraud across all of our UKGI products – incl Policy and Claims, commercial and personal lines, and all distribution channels. His role includes setting Fraud strategy and direction, defining best practice, leading strategic change and delivering new initiatives, and working closely with the market to improve the industry’s fraud capability. He is also responsible for 1st Line Risk management and Recoveries across UKGI Claims.

Before that, Tom was Head of Loss Prevention, with responsibility for Claims fraud, 1st Line Risk management, governance, audit and assurance across UK & Ireland GI Claims.

Previously, Tom spent 10 years in operational roles leading property, motor and casualty Claims centres in various locations across the UK.


Covid-19, Injury Claims and Floodgates

12:30 - 13:00



  • The legal basis for Covid-19 infection claims
  • Current medical research
  • The impact of the pandemic on other injury claims
  • Whether we will see a flood of infection claims
James Shrimpton


Kennedys Law


A Whiplash update - the delay and beyond, what is the industry now expecting?

15:15 - 16:00


As a result of the pandemic, the UK Government made the decision to delay the implementation of the Whiplash Reforms in April 2020.  Whilst remaining firmly committed to implementing the new measures, the Government are focussing on acting to ease the disruption and pressures caused by the Coronavirus.

Although this has allowed for more time for insurers to prepare for the coming changes, what are the lingering debates and discussions to be had about the changes coming to small claims management?

Our panel will discuss:

  • Changes in the motor claims landscape since Covid-19?  How have motor claims been impacted?
  • The latest status of the portal, and its impending roll-out
  • Has the delayed provided time to ensure previous doubts and concerns were accounted for?
  • Will the customer contact centre be impacted by social distancing?
Peter Edgar

Head of Motor Claims Operations


Peter is the Head of Operational Motor Claims for RSA.  The team has 400 claims professionals handling all aspects of Motor Claims.  Peter has been employed by RSA in various senior claims management roles.  Before joining RSA Peter was the UK Head of Casualty Claims for AIG.  Peter has worked in Claims all his career starting with the Provincial Insurance Company in Kendal and has over 20 years’ experience in the Insurance claims environment.

First Car: 

1.2 Mark 1 Vauxhall Astra

If you had to carpool with any famous person (current or historical) who would it be?

Winston Churchill – no better person to get to speak to on a 121



Anna Fleming

Chief Operating Officer

Motor Insurers' Bureau

Anna Fleming is MIB’s Chief Operating Officer responsible for the smooth running of all the MIB’s operational areas, including Claims, Enforcement and the new Small Claims Portal.  Before joining the MIB, Anna spent 13 years at Zurich Insurance in a variety of claims roles, culminating in being appointed as Chief Claims Officer (ad interim).  Anna also has significant experience in change management and running large IT programmes, having been the Programme Director for Zurich’s claims transformation from 2011 – 2016.  Anna is a non-practising solicitor.

Matthew Maxwell Scott

Executive Director

Association of Consumer Support Organisations (ACSO)

Matthew is the executive director of the Association of Consumer Support Organisations (ACSO), which was established as a not-for-profit membership body in 2019 to represent the interests of consumers as claimants in the civil justice system. Prior to forming ACSO he was government relations lead at Slater and Gordon, before which he worked as a professional speechwriter at the BBC, RSA Insurance plc and at the CBI. A former local authority councillor, he has also run for parliament twice, been the governor of several schools and is a director of the Abbotsford Trust

Calum McPhail

Head of Liability Claims (Motor and Casualty)


Calum McPhail, Head of Liability Claims (Motor and Casualty) Zurich

  • Joined Zurich in May 2004 having spent 17 years as a Chartered Loss Adjuster
  • 14 years at Zurich in various technical and customer facing claims roles
  • Current Head of Liability Claims (Motor & Casualty)
  • Former Chair of the Forum of Scottish Claims Managers
  • Interested in legislative and market developments and has given evidence on behalf of the ABI to the Scottish Government Justice Committee on the Civil Litigation Bill