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Insurance Post has teamed up with Verisk to launch a new video series, Insurance Then & Now - Risk Through the Ages in which teams of sector specialists (made up of two people) will be filmed doing problem solving tasks linked to historical insurance incidents - an Insurance Escape Room if you would

Insurance Post Then and Now - What to expect?

From the team that brought you Claims Apprentice; Insurance Posts presents a Taskmaster-styled competition, Insurance Then and Insurance Now. If you are a bright spark with less than 6 years in the Insurance Industry, this video competition could be your chance to shine. This video series will ask contestants to solve historical insurance-based problems using the tools insurers would have had at the time.

Be crowned

Insurance Taskmaster 2022 and feature in Insurance Post

Test your skills

against the best in the industry


about the evolution of insurance

Push yourself

outside of your comfort zone

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In association with Verisk

For hundreds of years, insurance has played an integral role in minimising risk and ensuring long-term financial security to individuals and assets. While the core principle remains the same, modern technology and processes have revolutionised the way we conduct business. Verisk is proud to team up with Insurance Post to launch a new video series competition, Insurance Then & Now - Risk Through the Ages, a celebration of just how much we, as an industry, have moved forward.

Joe Pendle, Managing Director, Verisk International Claims and Tom Payne, Managing Director, Verisk International Underwriting