Business Programme

Business Programme

Insurance Technology Summit 2019

10th – 11th October 2019

South Lodge Hotel



The Insurance Technology Summit is an exclusive, invitation-only event which offers C-Suite level thought-leaders and decision makers the unique opportunity to come together to explore the key issues facing the sector including Artificial Intelligence and Cyber Security, and discover the technology that may offer a solution to these challenges.


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Jonathan Swift, Head of Content, Insurance Post

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First interactive focus group

  1. Cyber Security - Protecting your Organization in the Digital Age

With vast reservoirs of personal data, insurers are an attractive prospect for cyber criminals who are now beginning to recognise the lucrative opportunities in targeting the industry. Therefore the Insurance Industry has a duty to its customers to protect their data and this requires a robust cyber security strategy.

  • Why should Cyber Security be a key focus and responsibility for all C-Suite roles and a central item on the board’s agenda?
  • With the scale and sophistication of cyber threats increasing, how can insurers ensure that their cyber security is equipped to deal with these threats?
  • What new threats are out there, how can they limit your organisation and who are the actors perpetrating them?
  • How can insurers work with technology partners to reduce the time taken to diagnose, react and recover from cyber threats?
  1. Heritage Systems: Maximising the Full Potential of your Data

With the need for agility paramount to modern insurance, how can removing the shackles of Heritage systems allow for Insurers to remain relevant and therefore competitive, whilst also enabling enhanced risk profiling. 

  • How are back office limitations holding the industry back?
  • What are the opportunities that will come from fully integrated and replatformed data? 
  • What options exist for insurers looking to reduce their expenditure on outdated technologies?
  • Why has is it never been more important for insurers to address their Heritage System issues?


  1. Transforming Business Culture Alongside Evolving Technology

Understand the importance of culture in order to keep pace with constantly evolving technology in order to better serve customers and attract talent towards the industry.

  • How has business culture evolved alongside the digital transformation of the insurance industry and why is culture central to an organisation’s ability to apply new technology to operations?
  • What can insurers learn from cultures in external industries that are more open to risk taking and innovation?
  • How can the board be best educated about new technological opportunities?
  • Why is insurance perceived as a less attractive prospect for the tech savvy graduates?


  1. New Approaches: Enhancing the Customers Digital Experience

The relationship between the insurer and the customer has been evolving throughout the history of insurance

  • At the front end, how can technology be used to improve the customer experience?
  • How will technology alter the customer-insurer relationship?
  • What are the benefits of more continuous customer contact?
  • How can technology be used to create a more seamless claims experience for customers?
  • Understand how technology will make it faster and easier for customers to purchase new products.
  • How will the relationship between insurers and customers change with increased contact through technology?


  1. The Big Data Revolution: Using Analytics to Enhance Your Organisation

Insurers are beginning to make significant investments in modelling techniques and data analytics to improve nearly all business functions, but how can the return on this investment be maximised?

  • What are the most efficient ways for insurers to collect accurate data to create valuable insights and then use this to create a competitive advantage?
  • In order to become a data-driven organisation, what changes need to be made across the organisation?
  • Which areas of the organisation should be prioritised and then enhanced first, and why?
  • Why is a data led approach to business and operations so important?


  1. Driving Innovation with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Understand how artificial intelligence can deliver on industry expectations through machine learning and deep learning. What are the unexpected ways that AI will change insurance and why is it essential that insurers position themselves as pioneers of this new technology?

  • How will an avalanche of new data from connected devices influence strategic decisions made by AI?
  • What will insurance look like in the year 2030 and how will AI shape this change?
  • With AI freeing up staff from certain labour intensive and repetitive tasks, what new functions will staff be able to carry out and what are the potential results of this shift in the workforce?
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Insurance Technology Summit 2019

10th – 11th October 2019

South Lodge Hotel



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