Claims & Fraud Awards

Due to the circumstances we all find ourselves in, we want to announce that we are bringing the Claims Awards and Fraud awards together. <br /> Shout about your successes and show the Claims and Fraud sector that you’re a winner!

Finalists for our 2021 Claims & Fraud Awards have been announced!



A poem from one of our 2020 winners:

The Richard Davies Memorial Award for Unsung Insurance Fraud Fighter 2020


Often our industry receives an unfair and negative press,

With a perception that Insurers promise plenty but offer much less,

But nothing delivers ‘peace of mind’ like insurance policies can,

Churchill once said he’d write ‘insure’ upon the door of every man.


Although we are living through the most unusual of days,

With a global pandemic spreading hardship and dismay,

That has not deterred fraudsters from playing their games,

With an increase in arsons and suspicious claims.


Daily we strive so hard to help people in need,

So it’s wrong to exploit that good faith by deception and greed,

Fraud is a problem to the industry with millions lost,

Adversely affecting how much all our premiums cost.


So I’m thrilled to be named ‘Fraud Fighter of the Year’,

It’s an honour and privilege I will forever hold dear,

But I respect the key note of ‘teamwork’ in Richard Davies’ dream,

So I’d like to share this recognition with ALL the Sedgwick Team!