About the Future of Insurance Work: Technology, Talent and Transformation

The Future of Insurance Work is a new editorially-driven campaign across Insurance Post that aims to provide a platform for people to discuss and share ideas, advice, best practices and experiences as the sector looks to reset and restart in a post-Covid-19 world and look beyond the pandemic.

Among the Themes We Plan to Explore are:

  • The macro-economic trends that are driving The Future of Work agenda
  • How to plan and manage the shift from the old world to the new one for employer and employees
  • The role of technology, talent and transformation in helping businesses achieve that shift
  • The skills needed to help make businesses be more competitive in an increasingly agile environment
  • The benefits for businesses, staff and shareholders in adopting a more progressive attitude to the Future of Work
  • Potential socio-economic benefits of The Future of Work; as well as any drawbacks
  • The role of the ‘office’ and future of the insurance workplace as a concept
  • How public policy might need to change including legal/regulatory requirements to position the UK as an attractive place to work in the future and prevent any brain drain to rival economies

This opportunity is essential for people working in the following functions:

  • Non-Exec Directors, Chairs, Board Advisory
  • C-suite: CEO, COO, CTO, CDO, CMO, CIO, CRO, Chief Customer
  • Officer, Chief Commercial Officer
  • Heads of: Product, Trading, Commercial, Strategy, Innovation, Digital
  • Transformation, Marketing, Sales, Engagement
  • Investors
  • Senior Leadership in key product lines across Personal Lines & Commercial Lines
  • Senior Leadership in key business functions eg claims, fraud, underwriting
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