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Strategic Development Director


Deborah Edwards


RTW Plus

In 1994, Deborah moved from the US to the UK and feels privileged to be one of the first case managers in the UK to facilitate rehabilitation services to the insurance industry. After 10 years with Crawford Healthcare Management, Deborah founded RTW Plus Ltd later leading to the formation of Argent Rehabilitation under her leadership and in 2011 returned to Crawford to lead Broadspire Rehabilitation.

In 2001 she was one of 4 founding directors of CMSUK alongside Lord David Hunt of Wirral and later became its first Chair. Deborah went on to co-authored the first case manager training programme, Fundamentals of Case Management, and together with Middlesex University this course became the first case management university accredited course in the UK in 2004.

Deborah has been a Trustee for the Vocational Rehabilitation Association, served as conference chairs for VRA and CMSUK and is currently, with the VRA, co-authoring a best practice guide to accompany the 2015 Code of Best Practice in Rehabilitation.
Throughout Deborah's career she has been a leader in the development of rehabilitation case management, her main aim being to provide support and where indicated guidance in the use and development of rehabilitation services. Currently Head of Rehabilitation Services at Broadspire Deborah leads a team delivering case management services across the UK under a jointly appointed or on single instruction basis.

Tony Emms


Vine Grove

Andrew Gibbons

Managing Director

Mason Owen Financial Services

Greg Gladwell, FCII MBA MIoD

Gladwell Enterprise

Owner & Founder

Greg Gladwell FCII MBA MIoD

Business Catalyst : Consultant, Adviser, Introducer, Investor, Mentor

Greg provides unique business insight as one of the few people to have successfully delivered in profile leadership roles on both the insurer and supplier sides of the insurance market. He has a real interest in emerging innovation and technology opportunities, and a large network of contacts from 30+ years in the insurance industry. His ability to translate ideas and possibilities into valued commercial outcomes is highly regarded. Greg now has a portfolio career providing a range of business catalyst services; mentoring support, consultancy services to existing businesses and advisory insight to start-up businesses.


Simon How



Malcolm Hyde

Executive Director

Chartered Institute of Loss Adjusters

David Lamping

Former executive claims advocate and the Head of claims

Cooke & Mason

David Lamping has spent his whole career (45 years) dealing with insurance claims of every class and type in many jurisdictions around the world, which means that despite being an Executive Director his heart beats as a technician, and ‘adjustment' flows through his veins. He is PIB's Executive Claims Advocate and the Head of Claims at Cooke & Mason plc, he has a seat on the BIBA National Claims Working Group. David is a family man, a yachtsman and adventure traveller.

Terry Renouf


Renouf Mediation

Terry is today noted as the pre-eminent defendant personal injury lawyer being ranked as the "Senior Statesman" of personal injury defendant lawyers in leading directory, Chambers & Partners. Terry's career commenced with Berrymans in 1987. He has previously assumed the roles of both managing partner and senior partner of BLM, gaining solid and unparalleled experience of the insurance industry. Terry was one of the small team who wrote the first pre-action protocols for personal injury and disease claims and was legal advisor to the defendant team of insurers who agreed the success fees for EL and Disease cases. His ongoing industry support continues with initiatives promoting the recommendations of the Insurance Fraud Taskforce.

Terry works closely supporting a number of the member organisations that support BLM customers such as the ABI, Airmic, CII, the LMA and the Managing General Agents Association (MGAA) speaking widely and organising training, workshop and events.

Presently Terry leads and co-ordinates BLM's RED campaigns which address the standout legal and policy issues relevant to BLM's customers. Most recently Terry has led BLM's campaign that shaped the Insurance Act and our customers' responses to it.

Joy Reymond

Director & Head of Gender Evaluation Services

Exceutive Pipeline

Joy Reymond

Head of Vocational Rehabilitation Services, Unum

After her initial career as a clinical psychologist in Australia, Joy lectured at Curtin University, and served in the government's Occupational Health, Safety & Welfare executive.

After completing an MBA, she moved into insurance in Canada. As Chief Adjudication Officer for the Workplace Safety and Insurance Board of Ontario, she oversaw the claims, rehab and medical service provision to injured workers in the province. Subsequently as VP Canadian Group Life & Disability for Manulife Financial, she undertook similar responsibilities in the private sector.

Since moving to the UK in 2000, Joy has worked with Unum, an insurer who provides income protection (long term disability). As Head of Rehabilitation & Health Management Services, she is responsible for the provision of vocational rehabilitation services to Unum's clients and their employees throughout the UK. Joy is a director of the Vocational Rehabilitation Association, the UK Rehabilitation Council, and most recently the Council for Work and Health.

In 2015, Joy was awarded the Post Magazine's Rehab First Award for Outstanding Individual Achievement in Vocational Rehabilitation.

Mark Shepherd

Assistant Director, Head of property, commerical and specialist lines

Association of British Insurers

Jonathan Swift

Director of Content

Insurance Post

Post and Insurance Age content director Jonathan Swift has written and commented about the insurance industry since 1998. He has appeared on television speaking about topics as diverse as the insurance implications of Michael Jackson's death to the consequences of consolidation on motor premiums; and is a past winner of the British Insurance Brokers' Association journalist of the year and Association of British Insurers general insurance trade journalist prizes.
Jonathan has chaired/ hosted over 100 insurance events from roundtables involving a small specially invited audience, to addressing over 2000 people at the British Insurance Awards at the Royal Albert Hall. He is listed as a top 50 insurtech influencer by Insurtech News and presently coordinates the All Party Parliamentary Group for Insurance and Financial Services.