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Opening Remarks

Jonathan Swift, Content Director, Insurance Post 


Setting the Scene: Reputational Cross Roads

Those that work in insurance have long known it has reputation issues. The tried and trusted adage is that people don’t chose to work in insurance, they fall into it.

Externally, it is also viewed with distrust by consumers who see insurance as a grudge purchase, and one they might not have the utmost faith in. However, the sector is fighting back in terms of major initiatives like Dive In - to make its workforce more representative - and in adopting insurtech technologies to improve transparency.

But with increased scrutiny from the authorities, time is ticking for the sector to get its house in order or face mandated regulatory intervention. What can we all do to stop this happening?

Sian Fisher, CEO, Chartered Insurance Institute


The Super Complaint

In September Citizens Advice has launched a super complaint targeting dual pricing to the Competition and Markets Authority. The complaint - the consumer champion’s first in seven years - included home insurance among five key areas, and has already seen Prime Minister, Theresa May pledging to “take action” against companies employing "unfair" practices.

In this session we will look at the crux of the matter and what might happen next following the Competition and Markets Authority response focusing on what it saw as a ‘range of problems’ around the loyalty penalty.

Guest Speaker: Morgan Wild, Policy Lead (Consumer and Public Services), Citizens Advice



An opportunity to ask our speakers any question


Whats next for the Insurance Sector 

In this session a panel of senior insurance figures will seek to address a host of key questions about the reputation of the sector, and what can be done to win back and retain consumer trust.

Among the questions we will seek to answer are:

  • Why does dual pricing exist; and has the sector been too slow to address it?
  • What can the sector do to make its products and offerings more accessible and better understood by more people?
  • The role of insurtech and technology in improving the reputation of the sector as one that is keeping abreast of consumer needs and not living in the past 
  • How important is having a more diverse work force to improving its standing among customers?
  • How does insurance attract- and retain- the best-of-the-best in terms of staff (both young and old) to maintain its standing? 


Steven Mendel, Founder and CEO, Bought by Many 

James Daley, Managing Director, Fairer Finance

Anthony Wright, Assistant Director, Head of Communications, ABI

Ian Hughes, CEO, Consumer Intelligence

4:05-4:10 Closing Comments