Virtual platform

Virtual platform

Our event networking & matchmaking platform

We will be introducing a new virtual event platform that includes AI powered matchmaking to make sure you have the best networking opportunities possible at Future of Insurance Work.


You will receive a link and unique access code to the event and networking platform a few days before the event starts. You can then take a look at your fellow attendees and think about who you would like to set up meetings with.


Set up your profile in our virtual event platform, and let the AI matchmaking algorithm recommend people to connect with. The more complete your profile is, the more helpful the tool will be.


Reach out to other attendees through our virtual event platform, and start a conversation! Our virtual event platform helps you schedule meetings before, during and after Future of Insurance Work. It's also easy to politely decline meeting requests that aren't interesting to you or if you wish to suggest another meeting time. There's also a dedicated space for meetings set up through our virtual event platform if you want to make use of it. 


After the event, follow up with your connections. If there's anyone you weren't able to meet on site, you can still use our virtual event platform to connect with them. You'll also receive contact information for every presenting company, making it easy to connect with the innovators who caught your eye. 


There is networking time built into the Future of Insurance Work agenda.  Please take advantage of the our virtual event platform to schedule your meetings prior to the event.  If you have any questions, please reach out to us at


Our virtual event platform will also deliver all of our amazing content (live and pre-recorded), so you've also got the agenda, list of sponsors, list of speakers at the touch of a button.

Our virtual learning and networking platform:

Our event platform allows you to arrange private video business meetings throughout the event with a highly targeted group of potential clients. Using smart event matchmaking with AI, we will bring you together with the right people.

Find your matches based on mutual interests and the goals you want to achieve.


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Using our virtual platform is easy and we have set up a detailed step by step guide:

  • You will register for Future of Insurance Work through the event website

  • 3 – 5 days before the event you will receive an email with a link to the Future of Insurance Work Virtual event login which you can access with your unique join code and link

  • Once logged onto the virtual event site you will be asked to complete your interest information

  • You will then see relevant suggested matches that you can create meetings with – you can also search and filter the entire attendance list

  • Meetings can then be set up to be held during the event

  • Live and on demand content will open on the first day of Future of Insurance Work – October 14