FOIW agenda 2020

Future of Insurance Work Agenda


What will the future insurance workforce look like?

09:45 - 10:30

In a world of change, new technology and a different business environment, one strong undercurrent carries through all board level discussions and decisions – what will our future workforce look like?

Much has been reported, said and predicted about how we will all work in the years to come. But what discussions have been had in the insurance sector?

Our panel of insurance leaders will look at:

  • What plans are being put in place to respond to the major changes in the workforce?
  • Is insurance ready for the change in workforce now or will hit hard later?
  • How is the insurance industry anticipating working with a mixed workforce and the creation of a more complex working environment?
Jonathan Swift

Director of Content

Insurance Post

Post and Insurance Age content director Jonathan Swift has written and commented about the insurance industry since 1998. He has appeared on television speaking about topics as diverse as the insurance implications of Michael Jackson's death to the consequences of consolidation on motor premiums; and is a past winner of the British Insurance Brokers' Association journalist of the year and Association of British Insurers general insurance trade journalist prizes.
Jonathan has chaired/ hosted over 100 insurance events from roundtables involving a small specially invited audience, to addressing over 2000 people at the British Insurance Awards at the Royal Albert Hall. He is listed as a top 50 insurtech influencer by Insurtech News and presently coordinates the All Party Parliamentary Group for Insurance and Financial Services.

Charles Crawford

Chief Operating Officer


Charles joined Gallagher in early 2016 to lead the delivery of an extensive change programme in the UK, focused on the strategic and effective integration of businesses and the creation of a scalable platform after a period of acquisition-led growth.

He was appointed UK Operations Director in November of that year, to head up Gallagher’s continued investment in the governance and operating models of its UK businesses to maximise their operational effectiveness.

In 2019, Charles transitioned to the broader role of Chief Operations Officer having successfully driven through the major programme of transformational change and holds responsibility for technology, real estate, claims, digital, offshore, procurement, change delivery and markets.

Charles’ 30-year insurance career has seen him undertake a raft of senior executive and leadership roles, at major UK insurance businesses, including RBS Insurance and Churchill, as well as loss adjusting and claims solutions specialist Davies.


Insurance and Covid-19: initial reaction to the crisis and rebuilding in a new enviornment

10:45 - 11:30

What would a virtual conference be at the moment, without a session dedicated to Coronavirus!?  Like all industries, insurance has been impacted profoundly by the pandemic.  From the quick reaction to rapidly establish remote working for all employees, maintain communication lines with customers, conduct claims reviews remotely and adjusting to digital communications rather than the industry's preferred face-to-face approach, has been tough for all involved.  However there have also been some major success and the insurance industry has shown remarkable resilience and flexibility during this trying time.

This panel will move away from the impact that Covid-19 has had on insurers already, and instead assess what the landscape is like for the industry moving forward.  We will be asking questions such as:

  • What are the next steps for the insurance industry workforce until the end of the year?
  • How do we maintain high productivity levels as working from home sets in?
  • Understanding mental and physical well-being of staff
  • What will customers be looking for until the end of the year and into early 2021 and how do we continue to maintain high customer service levels?
  • Is this change something that we can see as a permanent adjustment?
  • Where will the big challenges be in the months ahead?
Stephanie Ogden

Director of Distribution - UK and Ireland

HDI Global

Bio to come shortly


Click and Connect: build up your contact base, connect with industry peers

11:30 - 12:30

It is as simple as that!  Use the Brella platform to arrange, video meetings using AI based, match-making technology that will be able to put you in contact with people of similar interests and requirements.

Plan your meetings accordingly, and select times using the platform that work best for both of you.

Meet at your time, at your leisure and mix work and conferencing to your benefit.


Embracing new tech and a digital workforce to drive a more efficient, innovative business

12:30 - 13:15

From chatbots and IoT, to drones and AI, technology is having a profound impact on the insurance sector, how it engages with customers and the way it conducts its business.

As the world reels from the impact of COVID-19, there is the sense the industry now has a great opportunity to move forward to a genuinely digital workforce, powered by the latest technology.

This panel will take a look at just some of these technologies including; AI and automation, IoT sensor technology, advanced analytics and modelling software, digitally supported hardware for field operations and more.

We will be discussing;

  • Which of the technological solutions will have the biggest impact on insurance operations in the future?
  • How can we embed such solutions whilst minimising disruption and maximising efficiency?
  • Sorting through the solution product market to find the right tool to match your needs
Ben Allen

CTO & Co-Founder


Bio to come shortly

Ben Spencer

Group Chief Information Officer


Bio to come shortly


Attracting and retaining talent to overcome the skills gap in insurance

13:30 - 14:15

Talent retention and the skills gap have long remained a challenge in the industry, as firms struggle to attract the best talent to the industry in the numbers required.  And with the millennial workforce now firmly embedded in the labour market, what do younger generation employees ask of their management.

Our panel will discuss:

  • What brings young people to the insurance industry and how should jobs be styled/promoted?
  • How can insurers best develop the talent and skills of their staff for the modern workforce?
  • Expanding and creating new job roles to meet new challenges?
  • How best to upskill your workforce and employ a continuously trained model?
  • What must brokers consider when trying to retain employees?
Laura Oliver

Recruitment Lead


I joined Covea in 2016 on the Future Leader Graduate Programme after graduating from The University of Huddersfield with a Criminology degree, so I had no prior experience in the industry. I spent some time moving around learning about different areas of the business before I settled in Home Claims, where I became Team Leader. I have recently now taken on the role of Recruitment Lead, and I am working on a project piece looking at our graduate recruitment strategy

Claire Davies

UK HR Director


Claire joined Gallagher in September 2016 as HR Director for its wholesale broking, underwriting, reinsurance and corporate functions, serving as a strategic business partner to the divisional CEOs as well as being a member of the respective Executive leadership teams. During this period Claire also became the UK lead on Inclusion & Diversity, spearheading the development and rollout of the INCLUDE programme of education and awareness.

In September 2019, Claire was appointed overall HR Director of Gallagher’s UK-based broking and underwriting operations, which is made up of three trading divisions - UK Retail, Specialty & Wholesale and Pen Underwriting - joining the UK Executive Committee team.

With nearly 30 years’ experience in human resources and two decades at director level operating internationally across a diverse range of industries including manufacturing, life insurance, banking, food & drink and fast-growing entrepreneurial retail franchises, Claire’s role is to ensure the UK people strategy keeps pace with the business’ expansion and oversees the core teams dedicated to learning & development, reward, employee support and advice, and strategic business partnering to promote delivery against goals.

She has a wealth of experience in business and cultural transformation and associated employee engagement programmes; mergers & acquisitions, business integration and change management; as well as embedding succession planning and talent management to enable business resilience and growth.

Christopher Simson

Group HR Director

Munich Re Specialty Group

Christopher Simson joined the Munich Re Group in 2003. He began his career in insurance after university, where he earned a Bachelor of Business Administration and a Master’s degree in Business. Since then, Christopher has held various Human Resources Leadership positions for the

Munich Re Group in America and Germany. Christopher joined Munich Re Syndicate Limited in July 2015 as Group HR Director, Munich Re Specialty Group


Session reserved for sponsors

14:30 - 15:00


Click and Connect: build up your contact base, connect with industry peers

11:30 - 12:30

It is as simple as that!  Use the Brella platform to arrange, video meetings using AI based, match-making technology that will be able to put you in contact with people of similar interests and requirements.

Plan your meetings accordingly, and select times using the platform that work best for both of you.

Meet at your time, at your leisure and mix work and conferencing to your benefit.


Upskilling and training to build a digitally literate workforce ready for modern business

15:45 - 16:30

As well as providing your workforce with the latest digital equipment, tools and solutions, it is important to ensure that your employees are ready with the knowledge to utilise them.

Hear from the experts as they share their implementation project case studies. How can you reduce disruption, ensure all stakeholders are on board, and company-wide adoption?

We will also investigate how best to upskill and train all staff once new technology has been implemented, and how to ensure that your staff are continuously trained to make sure they are ready for new systems and solutions when they arrive.

Our panel will cover:

  • How can we develop a matrix to assess the impact of a solution post-implementation?
  • Dealing with the challenge of change management and how to build a culture ready to accept change
  • Organising the training necessary to keep you staff skilled in the latest techniques and technology
  • Understand how to upskill your workforce successfully and employ a continuously trained model?
Crescens George


Wiser Academy

Crescens is a highly experienced financial service professional with far-reaching and extensive knowledge in, Recruitment, Learning & Development, Organisational Development and generalist HR, attained during a progressive career both in global & regional organisations.

Crescens has over 15 years’ experience within the insurance industry, he started his career as a sales consultant in 2002 with Zurich Financial Services and quickly moved to the training team where he found his passion for working to develop people. Crescens’ ethos is not to look for the finished product in his employees, but to identify and celebrate the potential each individual has, and help shape their skills and experience through various professional development initiatives.

Crescens co-conceived Wiser Academy to offer affordable and relevant training solutions to the UK insurance market. Since the launch of the Academy under Crescens’ leadership the academy have managed to reach out to more than 200+ insurance brokers and have helped over 500+ people attain their professional insurance qualification.

Crescens is passionate about learning and development and through Wiser Academy he wishes to change the attitude and mind-set to professional qualification within the insurance industry. He dreams of a day when everyone within the insurance sector is professionally qualified.  

In his volunteer role as an Apprenticeships Ambassador, Crescens’ supports the government’s objective of promoting apprenticeships to businesses in England.

 Fact: Outside of work Crescens enjoys photography.



A tour of the modern office - is there a need for large scale office space in the post-COVID business world?

16:45 - 17:30

COVID-19 has accelerated a change in the workspace that insurers are operating out of.  The change in where we work has happened quickly, from better internet, ‘hot desk’ space for remote operators, well designed space to bring about a more relaxed workforce, and the ‘WeWork’ revolution.

Our panel will explore:

  • What will the future office space look like? 
  • How are insurers looking at commercial real estate in the future? 
  • Will there be a dramatic reduction in office spaces as the move to digital offerings continues? 
  • Has the impact of Covid-19’s impact and growth of remote working meant that office spaces will become obsolete?
  • Preparing for the change in office space
  • Ensuring the necessary server and IT support for the future of digital office space


Deeply embedded data based operations in insurance

09:15 - 10:00

Data is no doubt a topic that underpins the move to a new digital future.  The topic of discussion that has long been prioritised by insurers, and now, more than ever, data is the key to unlocking potential and success for businesses.

Our panel will look at data from two different perspectives.  The first, we will look at how to ensure that data is handled by your staff internally, from data storage to GDPR training, we will analyse how best to manage data.

Our second strand of discussion will look at how data can be used to assess the impact of your workforce.  How do workforce management systems best give you a picture of productivity? How to use data and analytics to optimise your workforce?  Where are there gaps that can be filled?  What is the best way to manage your tasks and organise your team’s workload? 

Join us for the debate and hear from the experts. 

Annarita Roscino

Head of Predictive Analytics


Bio to come shortly


Helping 'Generation Y' employees adjust to a new work/life balance and managing a new insurance workforce

10:15 - 11:00

It is undoubted that the changing nature and make up of the insurance workforce will mean managers will have to adjust to a new ‘Generation Y’ way of thinking.  Management will need to ensure they understand the concerns of younger people, what motivates them now to succeed and how to offer them the best possibly work/life balance.

Join our expert panel to discuss;

  • how some employees have found it difficult to distinguish between the start and end of the working day at home
  • how isolation has been a surprise for some millennials
  • the uptake in wellbeing support and resources, especially among past cynics
  • the benefit of employee staffed first line mental health support
  • the criticality of being in the office for staff development
  • the effect on absenteeism
Benjamin Hindson

Vice President, Communications, Media & Technology


Bio to come shortly.  In the meantime, please see the speaker's LinkedIn profile here.

Kelly Huddlestone

Team Leader

Covea Insurance

Currently Team Leader of the Credit Hire Team within our Third Party Claims Department at Covea. Entered Covea through their Graduate Recruitment process and was successfully placed in my current position learning something new every day!

Ajay Mistry

Partnerships Director


Ajay Mistry ACMA currently works as the Partnerships Director at Brokerbility (an exclusive network of circa 25 regional Independent Insurance Brokers) and his role has been to grow and develop a new sales & marketing division focusing on new ways to sell insurance to different SME groups.

He has previously worked at both Aviva and Aon and further to this, Ajay co-founded and is Co-Chair of iCAN (the Insurance Cultural Awareness Network) which is the first network to represent BAME and International colleagues in the insurance industry. iCAN is 2 years old and currently has 700 members. Ajay was also voted as a Top 50 EMpower Ethnic Minority Future Leader in the 2019 List presented by Yahoo Finance and named in the Insurance Young Guns list 2018 by Insurance Business Mag.


Click and Connect: build up your contact base, connect with industry peers

11:30 - 12:30

It is as simple as that!  Use the Brella platform to arrange, video meetings using AI based, match-making technology that will be able to put you in contact with people of similar interests and requirements.

Plan your meetings accordingly, and select times using the platform that work best for both of you.

Meet at your time, at your leisure and mix work and conferencing to your benefit.


Developing the claims operation of the future

12:30 - 13:15

It could be argued that of all the aspects of an insurance business, the claims function is experiencing the biggest change.  Now more than ever, a digital claims operation is essential to adhere to social distancing protocols and restrictions, all the while maintaining a close tie to the customer and ensuring that they feel their concerns will be met. 

As trust in insurance products and offerings wavers in light of the Business Interruption case, a slick, easy-to-use claims journey is key to allow the customer to feel heard, cared for and ultimately satisfied with the service.

But to what extent does digital replace face-to-face and where does tech best fit to the digital claims transformation. Join our panel to discuss;

  • What technologies are available to insurers to help them digitalise their claims processes?
  • How could real time claims data help claims managers both combat fraud and speed up claims processing for legitimate claimants?
  • What role does automation and AI have in improving the quality of - and the ability to share – information/documents both internally and externally?
  • What are the benefits involved in using The Cloud in any claims digitalisation programme?
  • What factors will ultimately speed up – or slow down - the adoption of digital in the claims space?
Jens Vollmer

VP - Claims Transformation

Munich Re

Bio to come shortly

Martin Milliner

Claims Director


Martin has over 20 years experience in general insurance in various operational and technical roles, predominantly within Churchill Insurance. During that time he got involved in a variety of issues including being heavily involved in the creation of the Credit Hire GTA.

In 2003 he became claims fraud manager for RBS insurance and was involved in the formation of the Insurance Fraud Bureau.

In 2006 he joined LV= and is now claims director, managing personal and commercial lines claims across a range of LV= brands.

Martin is married with three children and is a keen Leeds United supporter.


Session reserved for sponsors

14:30 - 15:00


Click and Connect: build up your contact base, connect with industry peers

11:30 - 12:30

It is as simple as that!  Use the Brella platform to arrange, video meetings using AI based, match-making technology that will be able to put you in contact with people of similar interests and requirements.

Plan your meetings accordingly, and select times using the platform that work best for both of you.

Meet at your time, at your leisure and mix work and conferencing to your benefit.


The customer journey from now to 2030 – how can the insurance sector rebuild trust and engagement over the next decade

15:45 - 16:30

For all the technological change, the influx of a younger workforce, impact from Covid-19 and the cultural shifts being experienced, one of the biggest recipients will be the industry’s clients and customers.

With a demand to be more accurate, rapid and flexible, engagement with the customers will need to keep up to ensure they are happy with service and trust in the products and services they acquire.  How does insurance compare when put alongside the well-oiled, highly digitised customer experience offered by e-retail, telecoms and others?  What must insurance do to catchup?

  • How exactly will all this change impact customers?
  • What are the likely demands of the future customer?
  • Adjusting your customer service operation to match these needs?
  • The difficulties in mapping out a customer journey that is not yet visualised
Jo Causon


Institute of Customer Service

Jo is an experienced, passionate and forthright speaker on the critical nature of service and customer experience. She vividly highlights the link between employee engagement, customer service strategies and organisational performance.

Working across the public, private and voluntary sectors, Jo provides strategic advice to boardrooms to raise the standards of service across the UK, providing evidence of the connection between customer satisfaction and operational efficiency and profitability.

A regular media commentator and prominent keynote speaker, Jo features across national, broadcast and key trade media including the BBC News, The Ian King Show on Sky News, The Guardian, The Telegraph, The FT, Retail Gazette and The Intuitive Customer Podcast. She typically speaks at 40-50 external conferences per year, in addition to our own Annual Conference.

Jo joined The Institute as Chief Executive in 2009. Since then, she has driven membership growth by 150 percent and established the UK Customer Satisfaction Index as the country’s premier indicator of consumer satisfaction, providing organisations with an indicator of the return on their service strategy investment.

She brings a wealth of experience from the commercial sector, enabling her to put customer service at the heart of the boardroom agenda. She has extensive experience in the financial services sector, holding the position of non-executive director to Aegon UK’s independent governance committee and having previously spent more than 11 years working for organisations such as Aviva plc. She has also held director roles in brand and business consulting, policy development and research for City & Guilds and The Chartered Management Institute.

Working with politicians of all stripes, regulators and senior civil servants, Jo focuses on the impact that service has on the UK economy and productivity. She is a regularly asked to help shape policy and has been called to give evidence at the Public Administration Select Committee inquiry into complaints handling.

As secretariat for the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Customer Service, The Institute raises awareness and understanding of customer service amongst parliamentarians, establishing an ongoing dialogue between Parliament, Government and with UK organisations across all sectors. More details are here.

Charlotte Halkett

Bought By Many

Chief Commercial Officer

Bio to come shortly


Closing thoughts: conference key takeaways and pillars to success

16:45 - 17:15

Join us for a final interview to run through the key conference takeaways and what insurers must consider in the future if they are to be truly ready for the future workforce.


The key technologies to revolutionise claims operations

08:30 - 09:15


Using lockdown to enhance the customers digital journey

09:45 - 10:30


Session reserved for sponsors

14:30 - 15:00