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Opening remarks

Stephanie Denton, Editor, Insurance Post


Keynote Address

An address from a key government official outlining the Government’s strategy in setting regulations to tackle Insurance Fraud.


Panel Debate: Regulations, Obstacle or Opportunity?

  • How will the Civil Liabilities Bill shape the fraud landscape?
  • How are insurers shaping the legislative decision making process?
  • What steps can be taken to effectively regulate CMCs and Rogue Solicitors?


Stephanie Denton, Editor, Insurance Post


Ben Fletcher, Director, Insurance Fraud Bureau

David Williams, Technical Director, AXA Insurance 

Tom Gardiner, Head of Fraud and Recoveries, Aviva

David Clements, Investigations Manager, Zurich

Matthew Maxwell-Scott, Director, Access to Justice


Collaboration: Emerging Opportunities from Data Sharing

  • How does the history of industry collaboration shape the future of the counter fraud sector and what lessons can be learnt?
  • How will the new Data Alliance function differently to previous data sharing platforms?
  • What progress is being made by the IFB General Insurance Fraud Committee?


John Beadle, Head of Financial Crime and Fraud, RSA and Chairman of General Insurance Fraud Committee


Morning Networking Break


Software and Training to Connect the Dots

  • Having all the right tools is key to understanding complex fraud, see what IBM i2 Analyst’s Notebook can do for you.
  • What new opportunities can software uncover around data being shared between insurers?
  • See how Analyst’s Notebook can enable you to standardise data from different sources.


Holly Swann-Catlow, i2 Software Trainer, Shortest Path Training Limited

What are the Banks doing better? What can Insurers learn from the Banking Sector

  • The Financial Services industry has a reputational obligation to stop fraud.
  • Banks lead the way in managing customer data, what can insurers learn here?
  • What new technologies are the banks using that insurers can utilise?
  • How can both sectors better educate customers to prevent fraud?


Ashley Hart, TSB


Technology and Fraud: A Precise Science, or a Fine Art?

  • What are the new threats that have emerged in the last 5 years?
  • How can these threats be approached in an innovative and efficient way?
  • What role will data-led science play in the future of counter fraud operations?


Julia Walker-Smith, Associate Director, Fraud, BGL Group 


Underwriting and Technology: Customer Service vs Fraud Prevention

  • Preventing Fraud will always be preferable to detecting it, how can technology be effectively used in the underwriting process?
  • How can mitigating risks and dealing with threats quickly benefit customers?
  • Tackling Fraud in a sophisticated and digitally aware manner requires a digitally aware workforce, what are the advantages to providing staff with tech specific training?
  • Q&A session: User versus Operator experience of tech solutions.


Peter Horton, Director, Digilog UK and Former COO of LV=

Tony Martin, Director, Right Choice Insurance Brokers

Lior Koskas, Managing Director, Digilog UK




Commercial Lines in the Battle Against Fraud: Gap, Pain points and Trends

The research will reveal:

  • Lesson learned in the personal lines sector in combatting fraud.
  • The main ‘pain points’ for commercial insurers in tackling insurance fraud.
  • The evolution of commercial insurance fraud, what next?


Sara Costantini, Director, CRIF Decision Solutions Ltd

The Behavioural Psychology of Fraud: Can Insurers Influence the Behaviour of Casual Fraudsters?

  • What role can Behavioural Psychology play in preventing fraud?
  • What techniques can insurers use to understand how people will react to different situations?
  • Behavioural Psychology shows us that human behaviour is unique, what does this tell us about Insurance Fraud?
  • What can insurers do to make it easier for customers to be honest?


Dr Charlotte Duke, Partner, London Economics 


Succession Planning and the Next Generation of Counter Fraud Specialists

  • Who are the key new figures emerging in the fraud sector?
  • What change can a digitally aware generation bring to the sector moving forward?
  • What new skillsets are going to be vital moving forward?


Stephanie Denton, Editor, Insurance Post


James Burge, Fraud Manager, Allianz

Steve Jackson, Head of Financial Crime, Covéa Insurance

Charlotte Gray, Assistant Claims Manager, QBE

Mike Richards, Fraud Coordinator, Zurich

Alastair Poole, Claims Fraud Intelligence Analyst, Aviva


Closing Remarks

Stephanie Denton, Editor, Insurance Post