Championing the Industry's Fraud Fighters

The ABI's figures show that the insurance sector prevented 125,000 fraudulent claims in 2016, to the tune of £1.3bn.

However, despite huge progress, the hard work does not and cannot stop here.

It is clear that increased prioritisation of counter-fraud measures can work wonders; yet, the nature of the threat is constantly evolving, and we must continue to work to stay two steps ahead.

Against this backdrop of an enhanced commitment to tackle fraud, this year's Insurance Fraud Forum brought the debates back to London for the first time in three years, and continued to offer the unparalleled networking, ideas sharing, and forum for meaningful debate and that set this event apart.


This year, the debates included...

  • Understanding what we are missing, to devise and implement the best-informed strategies.
  • Going beyond merely discussing the merits of collaboration: dissecting a case study of true collaboration in action.
  • Exploring the unseen consequences of GDPR and what you may not have bargained for.
  • Snapshots of how technology can be harnessed to mitigate fraud: AI, predictive analytics, guaranteeing better quality data, nurturing partnerships with start-ups and much, much more.
  • Examining what role our anti-fraud measures can have in broader national security.
  • Tackling internal fraud, payment fraud, application fraud, and strategies to prevent costly fraud investigations further down the line.
  • Setting out the new battleground with cyber and fraud, and determining what you need to know.
  • Dissecting the post-election Brexit landscape, to determine what reforms will look like now.