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Opening remarks

Jonathan Swift, Director of Content, Insurance Post

Hackathon announcement: Hear from the three young claims group


Civil Liability Bill: Assessing the impacts on CMC's, Customer Relations and Fraud Prevention

As the Civil Liability Bill goes through parliament, evaluate the impact that the bill will have on the day to day running of your department.

  • Does the new definition of whiplash go far enough to reduce fraudulent claims, and allow for a stricter more comprehensive tariff system?

  • With small claims limit set to rise to £5,000, what impact will this have for solicitors who will no longer find it profitable to work within the small claims sector.

  • What impact will unregulated Claims Management Companies have on the interaction of small claims with insurance companies?

  • How do we best educate and prepare our customers on the impact that CMC's will have on client relationships

Lee Watts, Head of Technical Claims, Allianz

Martin Milliner, Claims Director, LV=

Karl Parr, Head of Claims Technical Excellence and Support, Ageas

Calum McPhail, Head of Liability Claims (Motor and Casualty), Zurich 

Matthew Maxwell-Scott, Director, Access to Justice

Susan Brown, Director and Former Chair, Motor Accident Solicitors Society


Brexit: driven to distraction?

With less than six months before the UK leaves the EU there is ever more focus on the likely implications of Brexit. And with it taking up more and more bandwidth across the industry, this presentation will take stock some of the other key challenges and critical issues facing the claims sector towards early 2019 and beyond.

Alistair Kinley, Director of Policy & Government Affairs, BLM


We still need to talk about the GDPR – What has happened in the first six months since implementation?”

GDPR has changed the way that information is shared among insurers and their customers, Claims handlers are now required to maintain records and information, detailing how your company uses personal data.

  • How do you ensure that there is a clearly documented process in place to demonstrate that your company is compliant with GDPR?

  • Understand the impact that GDPR has had on your customers' journey through their claims.

  • The end of the beginning- Why GDPR is still relevant and what you now need to prepare for.

Lynn Richmond, Associate, BTO Solicitors


Networking Break


Escape of Water: Dealing with the constant drip……….

Escape of Water has presented itself as probably the most impactful and significant issue in Property claims over the last 5 years. With the increase in average cost seemingly becoming an annual norm, it has become a market wide issue with a number of Insurers citing it as a negative factor in their company results. Examine the contributing factors and look at ways in which they can be addressed.

Martin Ashfield, Claims Technical Director, AXA Insurance

11.45- 12:10

Escape of Water: Solving it Together 

While escape of water claims volumes are increasing, insurers are looking at multiple strategies in an effort to control the associated costs. To tackle this issue effectively requires all parties in the claims resolution process to remove cost, while delivering great customer service and fair outcomes, and to do so in both BAU and Surge.

Jeremy Sykes, Managing Director, Polygon 


BIAs 130p

Customer Care Award

Deciding a claim in three questions: Effortless claims

Using big data to develop a simple property lines claims journey for its customer, Aviva has been able to streamline the claims process using just three simple questions. This technology has addressed the issues facing the claims process and has enabled customers to re-build trust with the organization. This session will allow you understand how effective technology can enhance the claims journey for both your employees and your customers.

Hazel Johnson, Head of Property Claims, Aviva


Streamlining Claims: New tech showcase demonstrations

Watch live showcase demonstration of technology developed to enhance and streamline the claims process.

Richard West, Partner, Kennedys

Steve Paton, Head of Anti-Fruad Services for the UK and Europe, Verisk


Networking Lunch


Data and AI: Revolutionizing claims handling

Understand the potential that Data and Artificial Intelligence have in revolutionising the distribution of work within the claims sector.

  • Data and Artificial Intelligence have the capability to revolutionise work distribution, allowing simple claims to be processed faster giving you more time to deal with complex claims faster than ever before.

  • Simple claims are not necessarily the smallest, how do you ensure that the correct vectors are in place to identify complex claims and help you with your work load.

  • To what extent do customers want a full automated experience when making a claim, and how do we understand this need.

Rodrigo DeCossio, UK Insurance Lead, MarkLogic


Using Technology to Optimise the Customer Journey

  • Technology is already used to augment a variety of activities in our daily lives.

  • The integration of technology can improve our customer journey and reduce cost throughout the insurance value chain.

  • An optimised customer journey relies on working together to foster a climate of consensus and build a shared approach to problem solving for the benefit of customers across the board

Marcus Taylor, Director of Claims, Minster Law

14.50- 15.10

Case Study: Claims Technology 

Discuss the development of WPA’s DELOS solution, the roadmap, the outcomes and the capabilities it has given WPA for claims processing. Explore the journey of implementing DELOS technology throughout other WPA processes, the benefits, outcomes and capabilities. Finally understand  the next steps on the roadmap and key points and lessons that we have learned.

Mike Downing, Chief Technology Officer, WPA


Panel Debate: Apprenticeship of Talent

Prepare for a new claims future starts with quality-assured training, understand the best and intuitive ways to capture the right talent and the ability to train them to their highest potential.

  • Understand how to capture the right talent through innovative recruitment policies.

  • How will traditional claims roles change through the development of technology and how do you train your talent to prepare for this.

  • Discussing the best strategies to make the sector an attractive proposition, in order to retain talent, train and prevent people leaving.

Vicki Heslop, Head of Customer Claims, Covea Insurance

Matthew Metcalfe, Senior Manager- Customer Motor Claims, Covea Insurance

Crescens George, Chief Executive Officer, Wiser Academy

Valerie Cramb, Head of Talent Development Business Partnering, Markerstudy Group


Panel Debate: From Claims to the Board Room- How do you get to C-Level?

Gain insight into how our panel of CEOs got to this stage in their careers, from their history, background and experience in the Claims Sector to a deep dive into skill set and mind set needed to rise to the very top of our prestigious sector.

Come armed with your questions and leave with a clearer idea of your path to the top!

In Discussion with:

Rob Townend, Managing Director UK GI, Aviva and Chief of IFB

Jonathan Clark, Global Head of Business Solutions Claims, SCOR Global and CII President

Karl Helgesen, Chief Claims Officer, UK and International, RSA Group


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Closing Remarks

Jonathan Swift, Director of Content, Insurance Post


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