Bringing innovation, interaction and fresh thinking to the industry

There have never been more questions and uncertainties around our work than we have today; yet, there have never been more opportunities and possibilities for what we do.

Our mission is to bring the claims sector together to discuss the biggest challenges and discover where the greatest opportunities lie. This year’s Claims Club Summit brings together the leading minds of the claims sector to understand how to best engage our clients, streamline operations and identify the biggest challenges that we still have to face.


The Summit provides claims professionals the platform to:

  • Explore what the future holds and how we can adapt, survive and thrive in a changing landscape 

  • Discuss new strategies to tackle claims fraud more effectively and efficiently and how we can harness technology to improve the ways that we work

  • Learn how real-life major losses have been successfully handled from the insurer, broker, lawyer and loss adjuster perspective.

  • Find out how to use claims to enhance your brand advantage and why it has never been more important, or difficult, to exceed customer expectations. 

  • Ask the experts and get your burning questions answered.

  • Discover how we as an industry can harness data for better claims processes